A rapidly growing global population, increased prosperity and changed consumption patterns amplifies the demand for limited and declining fossil fuel and other natural resources including clean water. Climate change, the rise of the sea levels, deforestation, desertification and the demand for natural resources have already led to political instabilities and outright war. The global population faces challenges of hitherto unknown scale and complexity.

On the other hand, green or clean technologies minimise the impact of past and present human activities on the environment. Green technologies reduce global warming, provide clean water, food, regenerative energy and sustainable transport solutions for a rapidly growing global population.

Some green technologies have reached industrial size, others are still in the research, test or start-up phase. In many cases GreenTech industries enjoy very rapid growth, in many instances only limited by access to capital.

GreenTech Consulting can help GreenTech industries to grow and expand their business and support investors to find attractive green investment opportunities.

GreenTech Consulting provides expert advice and a range of business development services to the GreenTech industries, investors and financial institutions. We have in depth knowledge of the diverse and dynamic nature of the technology-driven GreenTech Industries with German/European focus.